The Story of Sally

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Sally was found chained to a post in the middle of nowhere. Left to die after being used as a bait dog Sally was shutting down. After a month of rehabilitation the amazing Sally is now ready for adoption.

Bob Guere wrote at Sally’s adoption page:

“Sally was found by a woman on April 18th chained to a post with no food, water or shelter. Her body was covered in bite wounds from a attack. The woman called 911 immediately. After an hour she contacted local media stations and the Bakersfield City animal control office. Animal Control arrived and rushed Sally to their shelter. Bakersfield City Animal Care Center’s veterinarian Dr. Duquette began working to stabilize her while Animal Control called Marley’s Mutts for rescue. Sally was transferred to Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital where they treated her around the clock. Dr. Anielski of Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital estimates that Sally was left outside for 2-3 days before she was found. Sally has no wounds around her muzzle, a typical characteristic of a “Bait Dog”. It is common practice to bind the bait dogs mouth shut so they can’t fight back. Sally was released from BVH and [was taken] into the home of our foster Nancy Crone.”

Sally has blossomed into a happy, loving girl in a short time, and she is ready to give her love to someone who will care for her and love her forever.

To adopt Sally please go to her adoption page at Marley’s Mutts (

Marley’s Mutts has shared Sally’s story and her progress at Facebook.

Watch the touching video about Sally and her inspiring recovery:




10 thoughts on “The Story of Sally”

  1. As great as it was to see her external wounds heal, I find it so much more amazing to just see the light in her eyes come back. I hope Sally finds a home that deserves her.

  2. Definitely not a bait dog. A bait dog would either be dead or far worse off physically. She was used for fighting, not sure why that is denied.

    • Just what point are you trying to make? Because I fail to see how your comment contributes anything valuable to this story.

    • Wow, and how do you consider yourself an expert Anonymous? I guess she was just tied up and pistol whipped by someone, right?

      What an ignorant comment – did you see some of the bait dogs that came from Michael Vick’s house of horrors? They lived and looked JUST AS BAD.

  3. To Anonymous.
    Your wrong. And by the way you know this how?? Perhaps you use dogs for bait? We can’t know for sure but having been in rescue for 20 years now I think her bite wounds do in fact suggest bait dog possibly. Sure some dog fighters like their dogs to kill or tear apart the bait dog, maybe you? Anyway you sure sound like a real downer.

    • I hate to say it but Anonymous is most likely right… although he / she does a poor job of supporting his / her statement.

      I’ve been in the bully rescue game for over 15 years and my husband is an ACO. Trust me when I say I have seen more fighting and bait dogs than any one person should have to see. Anon. is right in that most bait dogs don’t survive the experience.

      The way this dog was left to die is more indicitive of a failed fighter. She wasn’t game enough or didn’t live up to expectations therefore she probably embarassed her “owner”. It took time to get out of the car and chain her to the fence. That alone says to me that someone wanted her to suffer. A random bait dog would most likely have just been pushed out or thrown in the trash. Someone wanted to make this dog’s death take some time and that makes it feel to me like it was personal.

  4. OMgosh….she looks amazing. I especially love the video at 2:31 mark with her sitting up with that huge smile. Lovely beautiful Sally……sweety you are so very loved and I hope you get an amazing family to love and spoil you rotten like you deserve.

  5. It’s horrible for sure just getting worse every day.Can’t even understand why the dog fight’s are allowed.I wish somebody could get it stopped.Peoples mind’s are so sick & in the gutter .


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