Puppy Drives Car into Pond

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We’ve seen videos on YouTube about Dogs “driving” cars, photos on Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook of dogs on the driver seat of cars, but have you ever met a dog capable of driving a car into a pond? Well, meet Rosie, a five month old German Shepherd who drover her owner’s Dodge Neon into a pond.

John Costello of Canton, Mass., took his dog out for a walk, but when they were ready to head back home, the puppy decided to take the car for a joy ride.

Rosie and her owner's car totaled car.
Rosie and her owner’s totaled car.


Costello called 911 requesting assistance to get his car out of Bolivar Pond. The pet owner told Canton Police Department that Rosie’s leash got tangled on the gear shifter and moved it to drive. While the dog tried to free herself, she fell on the driver’s side floor and hit the accelerator, which in return sent the car, Rosie, and Costello into the pond.

The scared owner rushed to get himself and the dog out of the sinking car. A Good Samaritan jumped into the pond to help bring Rosie to safety, but there was nothing that could be done to save the vehicle.

Rosie might now know how much money she cost her loving owner. The important thing here is that Costello and his dog are both safe. Their lives are priceless compared to the total cost in damages Rosie caused.