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Puppy needs surgery so she can play like the other dogs


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scarsScarlett, who is affectionately nicknamed Scars, is a happy go-lucky puppy who seems healthy at first glance. A closer look reveals how she got her name, a long scar down her back. Scars wants to play just like all the other puppies but she is in need of an important surgery to help save her from a painful life.

Scars, a pitbull/sharpei mix, was brought to the Columbia County Animal Protection Society shelter in November. Although she enthusiastically greets everyone she meets and acts like an excited and happy puppy, as one watches her run around it becomes noticeable that not everything is right with Scars. Her front legs bow from her weight and the staff at the shelter have determined that her front legs are in desperate need of surgery to correct damage done from either a vitamin deficiency or abuse.

The surgery is called radiocarpal arthrodesis and without it Scars body weight will eventually break her legs and lead to intense and continuous pain for her. Without this surgery Scars only other option is to be put down. Now Home Sweet Bone is determined to get Scars the surgery she needs “We took her to get x-rays at Franks Hayes Animal Hospital,” said Jennifer Pinson of Home Sweet Bone. “We were then referred to Azzore Veterinary Specialists. They are giving us a discount on the operation due to Scars being a rescue dog, but we still need help in raising the funds.”

The surgery is estimated to cost around $5,000. Home Sweet Bone is planning several fundraisers for Scars to get her the life she deserves. “She is such a sweet girl. She deserves to be a normal puppy,” said Pinson. “She’s like a little kid on the playground. She wants to be normal. She wants to run and play and be part of the group. Right now, though she can’t.”

For information on Scars fundraisers and how you can donate visit her Facebook page.