Rescue dog gets center stage in Super Bowl ad

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It’s been quite a journey for one rescue dog from Burbank, California who is now becoming a star.  One of the most coveted ad spots in the world is air time during the super bowl, and this little dog named Yoda has her chance to steal the show.  She was selected to star in a Doritos ad during today’s big game, much to the surprise and delight of her owner, Alyssa Gonzales.

It began with an online ad looking for an “unconventional dog” that was posted by Tyler Dixon and Heather Kasprzak who wrote and shot the commercial.   Gonzales saw the ad an submitted her Chihuahua mix into the competition.  “She was just so funky and full of sass, we instantly knew she was our dog,” Dixon said. “Heather describes her as a burrito, I would describe Yoda as kind of a hot pocket, with legs. Definitely delicious looking.”

Gonzales is herself an aspiring actress and admits to being a bit envious of her pooches newfound stardom, but is thrilled nonetheless.  “I was like my dog is in a commercial instead of me, my dog is more famous than I am,” she said.  This kind of exposure could lead to big things for any actor, and for someone with as much spunk as Yoda, the sky’s the limit.