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Rescue Dog Loves Water So Much That He Hogs the Splash Pad from the Kids!

by Melanie

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All dogs know how to enjoy the simple things in life, but rescue dogs simply seem to enjoy them more.  They know how it feels to be deprived, whether it be of love, space, or sunshine, so they don’t take these little things for granted.  Leo is enjoying every bit of summer he can – especially the water!

Leo is a one-year-old rescue dog from Portland, Oregon.  His new family said he went for his very first swim two months ago.  Needless to say, he’s become addicted!  He absolutely loves biting at the water and splashing around in it.

His mirthsome frolicking drew quite a crowd, and people watched, amused, as he seemed to have even more fun than the kids at the park that day.  The great things about dogs is that for some of them, no matter how old they get, they still will always act like puppies.


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