Rescue Group Determined to Change Laws After Dog Survives Unimaginable Abuse

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When All 4 Paws came to the rescue of Mackenzie they had no idea the kind of abuse she had endured. As they treated her the seriousness of her abuse came to light and now the rescue is determined to do something to help change animal abuse laws.

Mackenzie was dropped off at her local shelter by her owner who said she had been bitten by a snake. The shelter believed the owner had tried to cut the infection off of her face using a pocketknife. The shelter was going to put her down because of her injuries unless someone came to help her. All 4 Paws saw a Facebook post about her and drove several hours to save her.

It wasn’t until All 4 Paws started treating her injuries did they realize just how badly she had been abused.

“We started treating her as if she had a snake bite, but as we got deeper into her care, we realized it was much more involved than that,” said Noel Berger, who lead Mackenzie’s surgery at the Animal Hospital and Laser Center of South Carolina.

While performing surgery Berger realized Mackenzie had a fractured jaw, which prompted him to take some x-rays.

“Then we realized the unthinkable,” said Berger. “The unimaginable. The inhumane act of having her face filled with shotgun pellets.”

Berger believes that Mackenzie was shot point blank in her head and that when she heard the gun go off she turned her head causing the bullets to spread across her face. Berger can’t believe that she even survived.

“There is something deep within this dog,” said Berger. “Something special in her spirit.”

That fighting spirit is contagious and now the rescue wants to fight for her. They don’t understand why the shelter didn’t contact the police when Mackenzie was first dropped off, even though they didn’t know how severe her abuse was.

“The shelter should have said ‘Sir, it is unacceptable for you to use your own knife to cut your own dog’s face like that.’ It should have been a warning flag,” said Berger.

All 4 Paws wants to get Mackenzie’s story out there so it can make a difference.

“It is important for people to know these things are happening but are getting swept under the rug,” said All 4 Paws founder Shannon Prouty. “We have to start with the laws. We have to educate, let people know this is predominant. Animal Control officers have their hands tied. Sometimes, they can’t do anything even though they know in their hearts it is wrong.”

All 4 Paws is not only determined to change things for dogs like Mackenzie and have started a movement called Song of the South. While they work on changing the laws they are also focusing on making sure Mackenzie finds the best home.

“She will have the best home,” said Prouty. “Where she will never undergo any pain, or torture, or trauma. Because that’s what she deserves.”

14 thoughts on “Rescue Group Determined to Change Laws After Dog Survives Unimaginable Abuse”

  1. I agree with Cheryl F except they should die a slow painful death and at times I’d like to give it to them. How can anyone prey on a helpless little animal.


  3. Abuse laws need to be updated, but with a cool head, not in the heat of outrage. What happened to this dog is terrible and inexcusable, but the comment Berger made about the cut gave me pause. If you’re out hiking trails and there’s a genuine emergency with no chance of getting to a vet clinic right away, he would have it be illegal to use a standard snake bite kit to save your dog’s life? You’re supposed to just let the dog die painfully?

    But yes, this case needs to be prosecuted. I don’t care how frustrated someone might be at an animal, there’s absolutely no excuse for what this owner did. The only credit I can give him is at least he turned her over to a shelter where she might be saved–perhaps a show of remorse–rather than just killing and quietly burying her with nobody the wiser.

    • Do you really think this poor dog was bitten by a snake? She wasn’t bitten, she was shot and there is no excuse for this! The guy was abusing his dog and made up that BS story about being bitten by a snake! The poor dog got an infection due to the pellets in her face – it wasn’t trying to get the poison out of the dog! Either read the entire article or try to have better reading comprehension but don’t you dare post where you’re making excuses for abusing an innocent animal! Moron!

  4. Anyone who could abuse this sweet dog like that would have no problem abusing a person. He is a sick, twisted and vicious person who should not be allowed to live in civilized society. I hope whoever it is dies a slow, painful death.

  5. If someone would be kind enough to give the name of her “owner”, I will be kind enough to ensure that this piece of human excrement never harms another animal. What alarms me is that in some states it is leal to shoot your own dog!

  6. I serve on County Council where this incident occured and am the liason between council and the shelter. The shelter is operated by a private entity although the entity uses county facilities and the employees are paid by the county (the shelter chief is the unpaid head of the organization that leases the shelter).
    The owner made a bad decision when he tried to help the dog after he thought it had been bitten. He then took the dog to the shelter and the og was transported to a local vet who diagnosed the dog as to having been in a fight. The local shelter knew it couldn’t care for the dog so it was transported to a faciliy that could take care of it. The vet at that clinic (Dr. Berger) determined that the dog had been shot, The local shelter chief questiond the owner and the owner claims that he didn’t shoot the dog and did not know that the dog had been shot. The shelter chief determined that the owner should not have charges pressed against him because there was not enough evidence to prove that he had shot him. It is an unfortunate circumstance but the animal is getting good treatment. If the person that shot the dog is found I feel sure that he/she will be dealt with in an appropriat manner. I have researched all of this information and it is factual.

  7. Mr. Haulsee sociopath’s are very convincing liar’s because they do not have a conscience, and are convinced that they are not held to the same laws as the rest of us are. You and the shelter chief were talking to the person that shot the dog. Someone that would take a pocketknife and cut a living being is more than capable of shooting this poor dog without any thought to the pain that they are causing. I am sure that in this person sick mind McKenzie had done something that this person felt deserved this type of treatment. I use the term “person” loosely because to me this scum gave up the right to humanity the second the abuse started.

    • Did the authorities match the shells in the dog’s body to the shells in it’s owners possession? Seems that might be evidence if found.

      • I read above where the dog is now with other owners who will take good care of him. If the original owner has not been charged, then “God Forbid” why wasn’t the dog given back to the original owner. Seems if he wasn’t charged, he would be given back. I would not want this poor animal given back to the original owner, but it’s a question that needs answering because if not given back then further investigation is warrantd.


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