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Rescue Group Reunites Senior Dog with Owner

by Katherine

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We all know there is nothing more devastating than coming home from work and finding your four-legged friend gone. Any pet owner will do anything to locate and bring back his or her canine best friend.

On Dec. 9, 2013, Sheba, a 10-year-old pet from Chicago got out of her yard while her owner, Peter, was at work. Luckily for the elder dog, she was picked up by a Chicago Police Officer and brought to the police station.

Peter and Sheba reunited after One Tail at a Time paid the dog's redemption fee. Photo Credit: OTAT
Peter and Sheba reunited after One Tail at a Time paid the dog’s redemption fee. Photo Credit: OTAT

Peter lives with his senior mom, does not have a vehicle and is mentally challenged. He was devastated when he came home and learned his dog and companion of seven years was gone.

At the police station officers were trying to determine what to do with the pet. The station’s garage holding area is not heated and Sheba could not stay there until her owners came to claim her, therefore, officers transported her to Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC).

Peter contacted police the same day and learned the whereabouts of his pet. He now needed to go to CACC and claim the dog, but with no car to transport himself and the dog, Peter had to wait a few days until he could go claim his best friend.

A few days later Peter arrived at CACC with only $88 to his name, but by then the pet’s redemption fee was over $200.The dog owner had no way to pay this amount and devastated he had to leave his dog behind.

The sweet, old dog spent 20 days in doggy jail and she was place on the “urgent” list, in danger of euthanasia.

On Dec. 28, 2013, local animal organization One Tail at a Time (OTAT) learned about Sheba and Peter, when a CACCC and OTAT’s volunteer, Katie, caught wind of this story and told the rescue organization about the pair’s unfortunate tale. Immediately, OTAT decided to help.

“We paid the redemption fees and Sheba was reunited with her owner who loves her dearly,” said Anna Friedman, OTAT’s board vice-President and rescue manager.

The total redemption fee OTAT paid was $232.

“This was our first time being involved in a redemption in this capacity but we certainly hope to broaden the program in the future,” said Friedman. “We paid [the fee] in full so that Peter could utilize any funds he had for other things.”

The 10-year-old dog was super happy to see her owner and wiggled from nose to tail when Peter walked up to the cage where she was kept.

Thanks to OTAT, Sheba was reunited with her loving owner and is back in the safety of her home.

One Tail at a Time stands by their commitment to keep pets in loving homes and they promise to do that by assisting those in need.

“We will do that by microchipping, vaccinating and spaying/neutering for free,” said OTAT. “We will do that by paying redemption fees for those who cannot afford them. We will do that by functioning as a flexible, compassionate organization that cares about people and families as much as dogs.”

Learn more about One Tail at a Time by visiting their website and Facebook page.