Rescue of Suki and her puppies

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Professional photographer and rescue volunteer David Carlyon was on hand to document the action as Suki and her puppies were rescued by volunteers with Gateway Pet Guardians on 3/23/2014 from an abandoned house in East St Louis, MO.

Suki has been known to the Guardians for some time and will be taken for surgery for a problem they’ve discovered on her lag.

Gateway Pet Guardians writes: “She’s been on our route for a while and has some kind of growth on her back leg. We’re so happy to finally have her (and all of her puppies). She’s had so many litters, and this one is her last!”










See more about Suki at the Gateway Pet Guardians Facebook page.

See David Carlyon’s professional photographic work at Darkwood Studio. David volunteers his time and his talents for dog and cat rescues in the St. Louis area.

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  1. OMGosh, what a bunch of awesome loving caring people. I wish there were tons more like them all over the world. Thanks so much for saving that beautiful beautiful family….I wish I could take all of them. I know if I were there and part of the rescue I would have loved to have all of them.


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