Rescue Pit Bull Finds Racing Buddy in Deer

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6.5.14 - Pit Bull Finds Racing Buddy in Deer

A rescue pit bull named Zeke has found himself a running partner – a deer!  Zeke normally prefers cuddling and snoozing to exercising, but now has a reason to get off the couch and go for a run.

This is a quote from Margaret Wray, the woman who uploaded the video:

“That deer came back a couple of times in the following days but they didn’t do as many laps. It’s the only deer we’ve ever seen play with him and I think she has moved on. This day, they had completed several runs before I realized I had my cell phone in my hand. Zeke is a recent rescue dog and loves to watch the wildlife wander through the backyard. He’s a love bug, a couch potato and that’s the most we have ever seen him move!”








24 thoughts on “Rescue Pit Bull Finds Racing Buddy in Deer”

    • Bollocks !

      His stance is playful, you don’t know about Dogs…
      If it was aggressive, his tail would be right up, not wagging, and he would be jumping at the fence to get at her.

      The wee guy is just playing, and you’re just being a Pittie hater.

  1. A wagging tale does not always mean they aren’t on the attack but i don’t believe that dog is aggressive either. He is just playing with the deer.

  2. They’re both having great fun. Maybe they can put food out for the deer so she comes back. The dog needs the exercise and enjoys his new pal.

  3. There is no doubt at all that Zeke is playing, there’s nothing aggressive about anything he’s doing in this video. He’s also not the first dog I’ve seen play with deer. Regardless of breed, the way a dog is raised, and the cues he takes from his humans on what behavior is appropriate, makes all the difference. Clearly his new family is very loving and he knows he’s in good hands.

  4. if the fence was not there that pit would have the throat of the deer.
    my neighbors pits once out of their own yard have ripped apart 10 sheep in less
    than 2 minutes and leave to died. Tails wagging the whole time.


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