Rescued Dog Gives Back in the Midst of Family’s Grief

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chihuahua tied outside (2)Aimy, a sweet little Chihuahua, was found tied to the front porch of Second Chance Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter in East Brookfield, Massachusetts. She had been left there for the entire night and was found in the morning, scared and shivering. She also bore obvious signs of having been used for breeding and had a growth on her stomach.

After a little coaxing, Aimy climbed into the lap of a shelter worker. She was then quickly whisked off to the shelter’s Pet Wellness Center where the veterinarian examined her.

Everyone at Second Chance realized that Aimy would need a lot of loving care before she could learn to trust again. However, the process began and after a few weeks, she was taking steps towards realizing that not all humans were out to use her for their own benefit. During those weeks, Aimy also had to get spayed and get the growth on her stomach taken care of.

Aimy was then placed in an amazing foster home where she really began to blossom and learned to love again. Her foster parents were truly giving her a second chance!

It was clear then that Aimy was ready for adoption. Everyone was hopeful that Aimy would find the perfect forever home. But then the unthinkable happened! Aimy’s loving foster dad passed away, leaving her foster mom grieving and alone.

It was now Aimy’s turn to pay back her foster mom for all that she had done for her. Aimy was her constant companion and helped her through this extremely difficult time. Their bond grew very strong and the foster mom realized she couldn’t just give Aimy up, so she decided to be Aimy’s forever mom!

Though the story is bittersweet, it is a beautiful new chapter for this sweet little dog that had been tossed aside by her previous owner and who can now give back all the love and care that she has been receiving.


Second Chance Animal Shelter is a 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill shelter located in the Boston area. They have been helping animals since 1999 and help over 10,000 pets through adoption, spay/neuter, behavioral and other services.

Their mission is to provide temporary shelter to stray, abandoned and surrendered animals for the purpose of finding new permanent homes and to provide community assistance to those whose purposes are consistent with Second Chance’s. They also seek to address overpopulation with spay/neuter services and seek to promote responsible animal husbandry by providing low or no cost veterinary services to those unable to afford care and to animal control agencies, animal shelters and rescues.

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  1. I got my dog from them. They are an amazing shelter/rescue. Their wellness center is now a full service veterinary hospital that charges on a sliding fee. They want all pets to get the care they need. These people do not rest. Once a kennel/kennels opens up, they put the word out to high kill shelters that they can take in how ever many animals. They always leave a few kennels open for local surrenders, strays, or what happened to Aimy. On top of all that, they are an immaculate facility. I now volunteer there and the joy I see there is contagious.

  2. Second Chance used to take in all the strays in my neighborhood that I could catch. They never gave me a hard time and always took in all the babies that I could catch, as I lived in Worcester on a busy main road. Now that I live outside of Pittsburgh, I’m struggling to find any shelter at all that is amazing as SC. Even the “No kill” shelters out here tell you as soon as you bring in a stray that they are going to euthanize it. It breaks my heart. Thank you Second Chance for being as amazing as you are!!!


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