Rescued Fighting Dog Reaction to Seeing Rescuer

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11.5.15 - rescue2

In Chester, Pennsylvania a rescued dog is fighting for his life, but has that chance at something better thanks to the heroic human that noticed him left for dead on a roadside.


It’s suspected that the dog was used for fighting.  When the dog was no longer “of use” to the people torturing him, they dumped him on the side of the road for dead.  Someone noticed him lying there, and called Russ Harper.

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“He was lying over there in the weeds where someone found him and he was just cold and lifeless.  I really thought when I picked him up he was dead,” said Harper.


When Harper found out the dog wasn’t dead, he knew there were only seconds to spare.  He rushed the dog to Keystone Emergency Animal Hospital, where he is staying for the time being.

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“Pretty severe bite injuries and his body was very weak and on top of that a severe infection from all the multiple bite wounds he has gotten,” said Keystone Emergency Veterinarian Dr. Leanne Thompson.

Doctor Thompson said that there is no doubt that Remi, as he’s now known, was a fighting dog.  Harper refuses to give up on Remi, stating that as long as he is showing any signs of improvement, he will fight for that dog to the bitter end.

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“As long as he keeps showing he’s getting better and not in pain we gonna continue to fight with him,” said Harper.

Harper got a chance to see Remi recently, and Remi’s reaction is one of nothing less that abject gratitude.  The video below says it all.


104 thoughts on “Rescued Fighting Dog Reaction to Seeing Rescuer”

  1. God Bess you Remi!!!! Many people are praying for you! Please hang in there, your life can only get better now….

  2. God speed Remi!!! We are all pulling for you to have a full recovery!! Life will only get better for you now….

  3. Thank god for animal lovers! I wish they could find out who is responsible for ALL animal abuse and put them behind bars… those type of people are the DANGERS to society!

  4. In addition to praying for these poor creatures, we need to also pray for their abusers. We don’t know what drives their inhumane and cruel behaviors, but it’s certain that our efforts alone to stop them will not resolve the problem. We are going to need a power far greater than ours to assist us in this battle. Pray that their hearts and minds will be enlightened and changed. Although it may not be obvious, these individuals must have deep mental/emotional wounds of some kind. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

  5. We need to make animal civil rights ‘the’ front and center issue of our society. Penalties for this kind of heinous crime need to mirror those for crimes against humans/babies. And please don’t eat meat or you are contributing to this same kind of suffering that goes on every day.

  6. There needs to be more severe penalties for animal abuse, equal to those for harming two legged people. We all need to demand that this becomes a civil right issue. (and please don’t eat meat! those babies suffer just as horribly).

  7. This sort of abuse sickens me,

    My son has had a number of pit bulls, and the biggest danger they ever posed to anyone was knocking the person over and proceeding to try licking the individual to death.

    Their overall attitude was one of “Ya wanna play or what?”

    Most people who have spent any appreciable amount of time with animals in general know how dangerous it can be to approach their young ones; when we went to see the litter his female pit had just produced, my husband stooped to pet one of the puppies. Their MomDog simply sniiffed his hand as if to say, “Oh, it’s just you. Go ahead and pet them all you like.”

    Like many other things, pits have gained a bad reputation because of owners who abuse them in order to make them good fighters–and don’t seem to care much about the animals they’re victimizing.

    I’m sure that the devil has reserved a special place for such individuals.


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