Rescuers Offer Reward after Dog is Thrown from Car into a Culvert

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jadesA reward of over $500 is being offered for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for throwing a dog from a car in North Canton, Ohio on Saturday. Witnesses called for help and Jade’s Rescue attempted to save the dog, but unfortunately the dog didn’t make it.

Witnesses saw a young dog hurled from a white Ford Mustang at the intersection of Whipple and Wise Avenues around 3:45 p.m. The dog landed in a drain that was flowing heavily from recent rains. One of the witnesses flagged down a car and called Jade’s Rescue for help. Another witness held the dog’s water up out of the water so he could breathe until help arrived.

Diane Aquino, owner of the shelter, drove to the scene and along with her husband pulled the dog from the water and they rushed him to an emergency clinic. Unfortunately the dog had to be euthanized.

“This little guy tried and fought for life all the way there,” said Aquino. “He was moving just his front legs like he was still treading water and I covered him and rubbed him to get him warm along the way.”

The dog suffered spinal trauma, punctured lungs, other wounds and was severely dehydrated. The dog was completely paralyzed from his mid-section down. The veterinary staff had no choice but to put him down.

Anyone with information about the dog and the incident is asked to reach out to Jade’s Rescue. They can be reached at (330)614-0300 or via e-mail at [email protected]

13 thoughts on “Rescuers Offer Reward after Dog is Thrown from Car into a Culvert”

  1. Its a problem in the state of Ohio. They don’t want their dogs so they throw them out of cars (moving or parked) and hope a nice family comes along. Thats what they think happened to our pug mix. She was found wandering the streets in maple heights. That was last December. In february we found her on pet finder and fell in love.

  2. Beyond my comprehension! They look to us (humans who are responsible for their domestication) to take care of them, to love them. Whether we do or not, the love and loyalty we receive from them surpasses the mindset and depths of the hearts of so many people. This hurts me, physically hurts my heart! Soon though, ALL animals and people will live together in complete harmony, it IS God’s will!

  3. I hope they find who did this and do the SAME THING TO THEM! May you Rest In Peace at Rainbow Bridge where you will be happily running through the tall green grass playing with all the others up their.RIP sweet baby RIP

  4. Catch the SOB who did this and force him to work at a shelter with animals; first get him a good psychiatric exam to try and find out what stupidity led him to do this; unfortunately we can’t do to him what he did to this precious dog. As for the innocent dog, he is now over the Rainbow Bridge and will now be without pain; all my love to him.


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