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Russian Men Free Fox with Head Stuck in Jar

by Melanie

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Okay, so foxes aren’t technically dogs, but they are in the same biological family of Canidae, which in the eyes of this writer, makes it a story suitable for Life With Dogs.

There isn’t much to the video, but it is cute enough to garner attention – a fox in Russia has its head caught in a jar and gets a little help from some kind men.

What is noteworthy about this video is that foxes are rather wary, which is unsurprising given the long history humans have had hunting them for “sport,” and they typically will not approach people. However, Russia had a 45-year selective breeding program that domesticated silver foxes.

But this is just an ordinary wild fox kit who trots right up the the men walking down the dirt road. After a momentary struggle, the fox relaxes enough to allow one of the men to gently hold it by the scruff and pull the jar off.

As the fox scampers off, the man jokingly says, “Where’s my thank you?” (according to a translation.)