Caged Dog Shot Six Times by Owner on the Mend‎: Abusers Arrested

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An Ohio dog warden says a German Shepherd is one tough pup after surviving six gunshots to his head, neck and chest. Witnesses tell police the dog’s owner and another man took turns shooting the dog while he howled in his cage. Lawerence Mick, 57, and Adams Collins, 35 both face charges and potential jail time if convicted.

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38 thoughts on “Caged Dog Shot Six Times by Owner on the Mend‎: Abusers Arrested”

  1. I know this is a family show, so aopologies in advance.

    Mother F*cker what I wouldn’t do for 15 mintues alone with either of those pieces of sh*t!! And I wouldn’t need a gun, maybe a baseball bat though.

  2. I think they should be shot 6 times in the head ! It’s so disturbing to know there are people out there who would want to abuse innocent animals. Don’t they know that they are the reason for their dogs behavior.

    I really hope the government would have a firmer legislation when it comes to owning a dog or any sort of pets. The abuse has to stop and the penalty should be heavier to those that take pets life lightly.

  3. Put the two idiots in a little tiny cage and do the same to them…..and that wouldn’t be good enough for what they did.

  4. Potential jail time? this just makes me sick! when are we as a society going to wake up and hold monsters like these two accountable?

  5. This is one of those times for an eye for an eye. Repeating, but – let’s put the two guys in a cage and shoot them in the head, neck, chest 6 times. Let’s see how they like that and if they make it through it.



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