Search is still on for abusers of severely burnt puppy

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A police officer found a four-week-old puppy with a severe chemical burn on his back and rushed him to the Associated Humane Society in Newark, New Jersey.

Last April, Webster, mixed breed, was found on the side of the road with a third-degree burn on his back. The puppy had been discarded as if he was garbage. The staff at Newark’s Associated Humane Society welcomed Webster and started treating him as soon as he arrived at the clinic.

Investigators on this animal abuse case believe the burns were caused by an acid or some other chemical.

Initially, Webster’s caretakers were not sure if he would survive the burns and the possible complications his injury would have. No matter what, the Associated Humane Society’s staff was determined to help the puppy as best as they could.

No one knows if the burns were intentional or accidental, but what was evident was that Webster was left to die a painful death out on the streets.

The puppy has undergone treatment and has responded well. The large wound is healing and no major complications have developed. He can now lie on his side and roll over with much ease. The veterinarians did discover that Webster also suffers from orthopedic problems in his back legs. Despite all, Webster’s spirits are high. He is an active playful puppy.

The Associated Humane Society is asking for the public’s help in finding the person who severely burned Webster. A $1,000 reward is available. If you have any information on who committed this crime please call (609) 693-1900.

To see Webster’s progress, follow the Associated Humane Society on Facebook.


0 thoughts on “Search is still on for abusers of severely burnt puppy”

  1. There was a pic of a grown dog that had this exact burn. It was caused by Hartz flea…tick…repellant! If I were to speculate…I’d think that maybe..this poor baby had a severe reaction and the owner didn’t care and disposed of the poor baby because that was cheaper than treatment. Soooo sad that anybody could be sooo heartless!

    • That most definitely isn’t an allergic reaction to flea repellant. Even if the puppy did have an adverse reaction, it would have affected the skin but it wouldn’t have affected the fur. The white border around the wound is indicative of a sulfuric or hydrochloric acid burn.

      This was done by some sick SOB who’s out to prove that we are not nearly as civilized as we believe ourselves to be.

  2. There seems to be more and more animal abuse ~ and who knows how much we aren’t even aware of. We all need to ensure that our lawmakers know that we as voters will not stand for the light laws against these sickos!!!
    And I agree ~ and eye for an eye ~ find the S.O.B’s who did this and do the same to them!!! That poor little puppy…


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