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Second Grader Saves 10-Day-Old Puppy

by Katherine

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Nina Boyett, a seven-year-old from Forth Worth, Texas, became an animal rescuer when she crawled under a barn to save a 10-day-old Australian shepherd mix puppy.

Seven-year-old rescues puppy.
Seven-year-old rescues puppy.

According to NBC 5 News, Boyett and her aunt discovered a pregnant dog under a barn but they couldn’t get her to come out.

The pregnant dog gave birth to ten puppies, but unfortunately nine of them died.

With the help of a local animal rescuer the momma dog was pulled from under the barn, but the puppies were too far inside the crawl space.

When the second grader and her aunt heard cries and whines they knew there was at least one surviving dog. They made it their mission to pull the puppy to safety.

Boyett ventured under the barn through a space no bigger than a few inches taller than the height of a cellphone, and the brave little rescuer was able to pull the puppy to safety.

“Can we keep her?” asked Boyett as soon as she had the puppy in her hands.

The lucky survivor has been named Princess Nina.