See the Heartbreaking Moment an Abused Dog Is Pet for the First Time

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One can only guess at the hardships Priscilla endured, but when she was rescued, it was apparent that she had never known a single kind gesture.  When she was pet for the first time, she screamed.  But now she’s been adopted, and is learning what it means to be loved.

This video is heart-wrenching.  Priscilla was distressed when she was taken into a Romanian shelter, and cowered when anyone came near.  When Monica Mitreanu, her rescuer, tried to pet her, she snapped her head around, terrified at what kind of touch she was going to receive.


1.2.16 - Abused Dog Screams When Pet1


But within seconds, she turned around and seemed to be crying out all her years of torment to the woman petting her.  She then settled down after her good, long cry.

“Love makes the miracles after a few days,” the caption in the video reads.  “Her name is Priscilla, and she seems to love the car.”

Though the horrors of her past may never be fully erased, she is learning how to play, be loved, and appreciate life in her new home.

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  1. Put the abusers handcuffed on an airplane and go up a thousand feet and throw them out. These people who did that to that poor dog are absolutely sick. Karma will get them or someone close to them if such a person exists and strike with a vengeance.

  2. I’ve never heard sounds like that come out of a dog. Wonderful this person was not scared of the dog and worked the dog through her/his fear. Dogs can move on and not stay stuck in the past like humans do.

  3. Somebody commented , I would like 5 minutes with the people who did this , I would like 1 month with them , to make sure that every second was the most painful moment they had ever suffered , God can never forgive them …

  4. If she studied English, she should know that the past tense of “pet” is “petted.” For some reason, uneducated people think “pet” is the past tense, maybe because “get” is the past tense of “got,” but that really makes no sense. Her sentence that begins, “When she was pet for the first time. . . .” should read, “When she was petted for the first time. . . .” The “Pet” in the headline should also be “Petted.”

  5. This dog is being flooded!! This is a mean terrible thing to do. And approach retreat and letting the dog choose how much it can tolerate would have been much more kind. This is sad for multiple reasons.

  6. Any chance we could get the kind of reaction this video has with what is happening to defenseless human children at the hands of Muslims?


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