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Senior Pit Bull Given Forever Home by Nuns

by Melanie

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1.24.14 - Senior Pibble Adopted by Nuns

Remi had spent months in the Hi Tor Animal Care Center in Pomona, NY. A nine-year-old pit bull wasn’t at the top of anyone’s adoption list. That is, until three nuns from Our Lady of Christian Doctrine came in specifically looking for a dog no one wanted. Remi’s gentle and sweet personality can really shine now that she’s in a home where she’s not only wanted, but loved.

I purposely wanted a dog that nobody else wanted,” said Sister Veronica Mendez. “I wanted to bring a dog home that might get euthanized if we didn’t take her. And when I noticed that the sign said ‘nine years,’ I said, ‘Virginia, we want this one, because nobody else is going to want her.’”

Very friendly right away, and she just seemed like she belonged, explained Sister Virginia Johnson. So she’s a senior and we’re seniors, and she a gentle dog, and friendly.

The sisters had another dog until last week, when it passed away. When they felt they were ready to love again, they opened their hearts and home to Remi.

She’s given a lot of joy to our house,” said another sister.

Hi Tor is at capacity, and shelter staff is hoping that some of Remi’s pals are taken into such wonderful homes, too.