Seven dogs rescued from dog fighting ring

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Police rescued at least seven dogs when they broke up a dog fighting ring in Dolton, Illinois. Eight people were arrested during the bust.

Police received a phone call from a tipster informing them about dog fights in the Chicago suburb. Officer arrived on the scene around 7 p.m. on Wednesday. “You could hear the yelling and the barking,” Sheriff Tom Dart said. “You could hear them cheering on their dogs, and you could hear the dogs fighting.”

As police busted the operation nearly 20 people attending the fight fled the scene. Two men who fled to a nearby wooded area were caught almost immediately. Police then discovered six men who were hiding in the rafters of the abandoned building. All eight were arrested.

Police found a makeshift ring, dog-fighting narcotics, and a treadmill inside the building. They also found three injured dogs. Four additional dogs were found locked in crates inside vehicles. The South Humane Society has taken the dogs in and they are receiving medical treatment. The dogs are very aggressive and will have to be rehabilitated before they will be ready for adoption.  If you wish to contribute to the care of the rescued dogs from the Dolton dog fighting ring you can make a donation through their website.

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  3. Wouldn’t bother me a bit if they executed anyone involved in dog fights, including the spectators. We don’t need these kinds of lowlifes adding to the gene pool.

  4. I cringed when I read the dogs were ‘aggressive’. What does that mean? Most dogs from these situations are fine with people but they have been taught to fight other dogs by cruel means and would do so to please their sick and twisted ‘owners’. I sure hope they can work with these dogs, but if they are truly beyond redemption then sending them back to spirit with love and compassion is better than being locked in a kennel for the rest of their lives.

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