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Shania may not be able to walk, but she has an unbeatable spirit


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shaniaThe Humane Society in Livingston County Michigan is doing all it can to help a very special dog named Shania who is afflicted with a degenerative spine disease, which decreases mobility in her hind legs.  As a result she is losing her ability to walk and needs a special wheelchair.  This much loved 4 1/2 year old German Short hair pointer was surrendered to the shelter in June, under weight and under loved.

The spinal problem was not evident to staff until they got her weight up to normal, and by then they had all fallen in love with her.  “Shania’s only detriment is her spinal issue,” said Susie Ricketts, manager at the humane society. “A dog like Shania doesn’t come around often. A sweet, affectionate, loving and forgiving girl — she’s one in a million.”

It was discovered one day in October when she wouldn’t get up and was consequently taken to the vet.  Tests revealed the condition, which is inoperable but not fatal.  “The most incredible part of this whole ordeal is that Shania has never once shown any signs of pain or wanting to give up. She has shown hope and courage and has been an encouraging example to everyone that no matter what problem you may have, you need to make the best of it,” said Travis Wyant.

Staff at the shelter, after getting approval from the board, took it upon themselves to help Shania by raising the funds necessary to buy her a special wheelchair which will be hers to keep and at least 6 months of her medication for her prospective family when she is adopted.  The chair costs $1500 and in one week they have already raised $800 for Shania.  “We’re hoping that maybe by the end of next week we’ll be able to order the wheelchair and get it before Christmas,” Ricketts said, and she will be trained in how to use it so that when she loses all mobility in her back legs she will be ready.

To learn more about Shania or find out how to make a donation, visit the LCHS website at or visit them on Facebook at