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Shelter Dog Saves a Life and Waits for Forever Home

by Katherine

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Solomon, a 95 pound, German shepherd mix residing in Prince Albert SPCA, Canada, became a hero on October 17, 2013, when he saved the life of another dog that came in suffering from poisoning.

According to Prince Albert Daily Herald, a female Labrador cross came in to Park Range Veterinary Services sick from ingesting rat poisoning.

Solomon. Photo Credit: Tyler Clarke/Daily Herald
Solomon. Photo Credit: Tyler Clarke/Daily Herald

The usual cure is to have the pet vomit most of the poison and then take vitamin K1. However, for the female Labrador mix it was too late to administer this treatment. Instead a blood transfusion was needed.

Veterinarians selected Salomon to help the sick dog. They took 500 ml of Solomon’s blood and right after the procedure, Solomon went on to eat a big meal and chew on a bone as if nothing had happened.

Solomon’s blood saved the Labrador’s life. The following morning both Solomon and the female Labrador where well on their road to recovery.

The hero dog was brought in as a stray on September 24, 2013, and since then Solomon has been waiting to find his forever home.

“[Solomon is] the type of dog that probably, based on what you see with his behavior now, was a cute little puppy that someone got and tied him up to his dog house and he grew up and didn’t have a lot of time spent with him,” SPCA assistant manager Leanne Roberts told the Daily Herald. “He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, but he doesn’t know what affection is [and] he doesn’t know what toys are.”

We hope that someone recognizes Solomon’s heroic action, falls in love with him, and decides to take him home. He deserves love and a better life.

To inquire about Solomon or any other pets living at Prince Albert SPCA you can call 306-763-6110 or visit their website