Skier Lindsay Vonn Adopts Dog with Similar Injury

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vonnA day after professional skier Lindsey Vonn announced she would not be able to participate in this year’s Winter Olympics because of a knee injury she rescued a shelter dog with a similar injury.

Lindsay Vonn and her boyfriend Tiger Woods had started looking at dogs at Furry Friend Adoption and Clinic around Christmas. A day after having to withdraw from the Olympics Vonn showed up again solo to adopt Leo, a brindle boxer mix.

As a puppy Leo’s leg was broken when he was hit by a car. He was surrendered by his previous owner and has already had to undergo one surgery. Vonn did not let Leo’s medical issues deter her, and bonded with the dog because of it.

“He has a bad knee, just like me,” said Vonn.

Vonn met with veterinarian Dr. Todd Vinoski at the clinic to go over Leo’s issues and discuss what could be done.

“She is going to take him to another orthopedic surgeon and see what can be done further for him,” said Vinoski.

Vonn was happy to bring Leo home and shared the news with her followers on social media. She posted the following on her Facebook page:

“This definitely brightened my day – I adopted this 9 month old cutie from an animal shelter. HE has a bad knee from being hit by a car when he was a puppy and no one wanted him…but I do! I encourage anyone looking for an animal to adopt from a shelter and save a life!”

3 thoughts on “Skier Lindsay Vonn Adopts Dog with Similar Injury”

  1. Thanks Lindsay for adopting Leo with a bum knee. I adopted a rottie that was limping and when we went to the vet she was diagnosed with a CCL or ACL knee joint tear. The vet said TPLO surgery would fix it and it cost $4100. I told the vet I didn’t have that kind of money. The vet told me to return the dog to the shelter and get another dog that didn’t have a bad knee. I adopted this sweet older Rottie for better or worse. I asked around at the dog park and one had heard of these ACL CCL posh dog knee braces to support the knee without surgery. I ended up getting this custom posh dog knee brace and it works. We put it on and it supports her knee for dog walking. She waits to have her posh brace put on before we walk out the door. This brace is really helping her knee heal. She is walking better now so I can see the brace does help the knee heal. Don’t give up on a dog, even with a bad knee. Hugs to Leo and Lindsay.


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