Sled Dogs in Need of Help

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Mike Ladan has been saving unwanted sled dogs for over two decades, but after spending months in financial distress, the overwhelmed animal rescuer has issued a cry for help.

The self-employed blacksmith says that business has been bad for a year now, and he can no longer provide for his 35 dogs. The Big Lake, Alaska resident is hoping that area rescue groups can help, but with shelters overflowing, help from afar will likely be needed.

Ladan’s first began rescuing dogs after he met a musher who was going to shoot her unwanted animals. He convinced her to let him take them, and has since developed a reputation as a savior of unwanted sled dogs.

But after years of caring for them, Landan is no longer in a position to do so. Some have pending health issues, and food is beginning to run low. Landan is in over his head, and says the last thing he wants is to see the dogs in his care suffering.

If you are able to assist in any way, please write to [email protected] or visit Straw For Dogs at 645 G Street, Ste. 100-1175.

5 thoughts on “Sled Dogs in Need of Help”

  1. What a great guy. I love the fact that he needs help and he’s asked for it, not like some of the so-called “rescues” that let the animals suffer and die. Kudos to you Mr. Ladan. I hope you receive the help you’ve requested very soon.

  2. I like the fact he didn’t kill them all like that other idiot in Alaska! I would love to donate if we can confirm this is there a web address or anything???

  3. Donations to their vetting greatly appreciated!

    Here is the Chipin info, a Paypal service:

    Contributions may also be directed to our vet @ Northstar Animal Hospital: 907-746-7387 However, they asked that we collect any donation less than $100, so as to not overwhelm their front desk.

    Of course, there is no such thing as a small donation and every bit helps towards the vetting of these senior dogs. The Chip in account is set up specifically for this effort. You can also send a check, marked for the senior dogs, as all noted donations will go entirely towards the vetting and care of these guys.


    Metis Riley


    Straw For Dogs
    645 G St Ste 100-1175
    Anchorage, AK 99501


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