Social Media Brings Stolen Puppy Safely Home

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kuraWhen Mica Chenault’s St. Bernard puppy was stolen from her parked car she was devastated. With the help of social media Kura is safe and back home.

Last week Chenault was running a quick errand to Home Depot near her home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When she returned to her car she found the door had been unlocked and her 2-month-old puppy was gone.

She filed a police report and surveillance video from Home Depot showed a black SUV leaving the parking lot with Kura. She quickly turned social media and the media to get the word out about her missing puppy.

All the Facebook shares and media attention worked. On Monday night Chenault received a call; a family had Kura and had been taken care of her when they spotted a missing poster on Facebook.

Someone had found Kura roaming the streets and could not find her owner, so they offered the dog to the Raglands, a family that was more than happy to care for her. They bought her food, bed and welcomed them into their family, calling her Lucy.

“They asked if I would take the dog in and I absolutely, positively took the dog in,” said Gina Ragland.

One of Ragland’s daughters was on Facebook when she saw a post about Kura and the Raglands knew they had to do the right thing.

“I’m glad that I’m instilling that to my children,” said Ragland. “We’re just glad she has her dog back.”

Chenault is grateful to the Raglands for brining Kura home safe. Those responsible for stealing Kura have not been found, but Chenault is just glad to have Kura back safe, and is thankful social media worked.

“If it wasn’t for Facebook or any of the social media out there or you guys, the media, I never would have found her,” said Chenault.

8 thoughts on “Social Media Brings Stolen Puppy Safely Home”

  1. I guess after reading quite a few stories like this online, I do not understand why people feel the need to take their dogs to run “quick” errands? My quick errands are never quick. I have dogs and unless I’m going to Petsmart or a restaurant that allows them on patio they stay safe at home while I’m running from place to place.

    So glad she got her puppy back unharmed!

  2. Not saying I justify it but some of us have animals that can’t be left alone. We have to kennel ours when no ones home and all she does is cry. Shes got some serious anxiety issues. I take her wherever I can with me and just try and run errands while someone else is home.

  3. maybe whoever took the dog took it because IT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN LEFT IN CAR. home depots are always crowded you wont be out in 10 minutes or less

  4. Sorry, don’t agree with taking your dog with you on a “quick” errand.

    If it is that quick, leave them at home – this woman was very lucky to get her dog back – would you want to risk not ever seeing your dog again for a quick errand?

    I would rather have them at home, safe, crying then possibly at the hands of some physcho out there.

  5. I think someone saw that this idiot had left her dog in the car on a hot day and either let it go or took it. How can anyone feel sorry for her? She left the dog in the car! Irresponsible pet owner

  6. Thanks to the poster who clarified the outdoor temperature was NOT hot. To the rest of you, I take my dogs to the local dog parks regularly and on the way home may stop and run an errand if the outside temperatures permit it (less than 70 and preferably cloudy). You have no idea what else she was doing that day. Sheeshhh….. Do we really have to plan our lives around the remote possibility our cars might be broken into and dogs stolen for you to be sympathetic? I’m glad she got her pup back. Hopefully she will invest in tag and microchip but that probably would not have stopped a thief.


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