Social Media Helps Abused Dog Get Justice

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In today’s technological world, social media networks have become the eyes of justice. Authorities and civilians use social media to ensure that any injustices committed and publicized on the Internet don’t go unpunished.

For two St. Louis County teenagers, a short clip they uploaded to Facebook, showing how they maliciously abused an innocent dog was their ticket to St. Louis County Juvenile Justice Center.

140331-FBabusedDogThe video showed the teenagers punching, throwing the dog, and laughing at their actions.

On February 27, 2014, St. Louis County police started an investigation after their department received hundreds of calls reporting the animal abuse. The video posted on Facebook was shared thousands of times and it moved animal lovers across the nation to demand justice for the pet.

According STLToday, Officer Brian Schellman said the department received calls from outraged people around 12:30 p.m.

Facebook users cross-shared the video on different social media platforms, trying to identify the teenagers, and sure enough, someone called authorities and said the abusers attended Riverview Gardens School District.

Once a positive ID was made by authorities, the abusers were taken into custody. The dog was also rescued and taken into protective custody.

An Animal Control officer stated “the dog [was] safe and there was an open investigation.”

That same afternoon, the video portraying the abuse was taken off Facebook.

We are glad to know the abusers were arrested and charged with animal abuse. They will pay for the crime they committed.

36 thoughts on “Social Media Helps Abused Dog Get Justice”

  1. I have a neighbor who is abusing his dog. I have called every authority I can think of but to no avail.I’m being told the same thing by everyone. I have thought about taking the dog but the guy doesn’t leave his dog outside for 5 min. max. just long enough to go to the bathroom. I can see the poor dog is constipated. The owner still lives in the house when he does come home long enough to let the dog out which isn’t everyday and change his clothes for work. I know the dog isn’t up to date with her shots and isn’t lincensed by the city which is required.This poor innocent dog is not being socialized and eventually will become aggressive.This bastard doesn’t pay any attention to his dog, not even a pat on his head. Any suggestions? Poor dog needs help.

    • I’d figure a way to get the dog when he’s gone, make it look like someone broke into the house, steal the dog and take it to a safe place where he can’t reclaim it. Or maybe catch him when he is home and ask him if he would like to sell the dog, but suppose the dog is there as a security system, but you never know. I’m just the kind of animal lover that I would have to do something, legal or not. The poor dog deserves love, and attention, and he doesn’t deserve to have a dog. If someone doesn’t do something the dog has no hope and I can’t imagine a life like that, no love, no human contact, how absolutely horrible, the monsters that treat animals like that are not human, humans have hearts with feelings and compassion. You are probably this dogs ONLY hope.. Good Luck, for and the dog…

  2. I just don’t understand how anyone can abuse animal, babies and the elderly. What kind of future are we going to be subjected to?

  3. Those young people that abused that dog are just future life time convicts. They will be in the penal system soon as violent crime adult offenders. Karma has a way of finding trash like that.

  4. I am really hoping that these a$$e$ got more than just a slap on the wrist! If I had been in the area, they definitely would have gotten MORE than a slap from me. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to abuse ANY animal! And for people to just get a “warning” or a slap on the wrist is NOT enough punishment!

  5. I hate kids, they disgust me. They are dangerous animals especially when traveling in packs. From age 8 to 18 they should be fixed with monitoring devices and have curfews. It’s nice that some of them actually record and post their subhuman behavior.

  6. Putting the kids away is fixing the result and stopping future abuse and/or death of animals and people. What about the cause? Their parents need to go to jail as well. Their parents or guardians, if they live in the kids home or not, need to be investigated. Their homes and computers (parents and kids) should be searched. This should be a requirement for all convicted criminals and abusers. This country needs to get cleaned up.

  7. Since dogs supposedly age 7 times the rate of humans, for each time those gutless bastards kicked, punched or threw that pooch, it should be done to them 7 times. Turn about is fair play.


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