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South Dakota Bans Breed Specific Legislation

by Melanie

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3.15.14 - SD Bans BSL1

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard signed into law a bill that prohibits municipalities from banning bully breeds.  SD is now the 18th state to create such a law.

Though there are many opponents against communities being able to ban pit bulls, most of the naysayers who publicly voice their opinions on the matter only spew ignorant, discriminatory remarks that have no basis in fact or in the 21st century.

“You can’t argue with 500 years of breeding. Pit bulls were developed for one purpose. People choose hybrid animals for one reason,” said Jefferson City Councilman Tony Roark.  “If the state is going to insist on sticking their noses on issues like this, they need to get their heads out of their butts, and do a real solid, I mean a very comprehensive plan.”

Most are disinclined to agree with such archaic arguments.

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“’If the state is going to…they need to get their heads out of their butts…’ Such hilarity from an educated representative. Laughable. How about lawmakers get their “heads out of their butts” and do some actual research…beyond what hate groups tell them,” posited Amanda Lindquist.  “Unless these lawmakers are going to go to the KKK or Aryan Nation’s websites for information on minority humans, then they shouldn’t be getting information on dogs from sites like Period.”

Discriminating against dog breeds is just as bad as human racism.  It may even be worse, because dogs cannot speak up for themselves, and all breed bans do is keep loyal and loving dogs in the hands of people who turn them into monsters.

Far more are happy to see the change.  Many dog owners in areas that had banned bullies are rejoicing about no longer having to hide the pit bulls they’ve been keeping in secret rather than be forced to move.  However, many still rail against the unjust laws and keep their families together.

“I am a pit bull owner in Sioux City and I would love for them to take the ban off Sioux City as well,” said Iowa resident Kristina Boyle.  “I love my dog as much as my kids.  I have had him for 11 years and he has never bitten anyone… if the ban is not changed I will be moving from Sioux City to a town that allows them.”

The bill will go into effect in July.  South Dakota is finally catching up to the rest of the country by moving forward with another bill that will make animal cruelty a felony.  It is the only state to still classify the crime as a misdemeanor.  The Senate has passed the bill, and the state now waits for the vote on the House floor.
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