SPCA Serving Erie County Needs Help Caring for Badly Burned Dog

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A three-year-old Labrador retriever named Rosci escaped a fire earlier this month in Buffalo, New York. However, the burns Rosci suffered have led to expensive care and now her owner can no longer afford it. Her owner has surrendered SPCA Serving Erie County and they are now asking for help to care for her.

Rosci’s burns were so severe that her treatment was costing her owner thousands of dollars. When her owner could no longer afford the financial burden Rosci was surrendered to the SPCA Serving Erie County last Wednesday.

“The dog was literally covered in open wounds,” said Gina M. Browning, director of public relations for the Erie County SPCA. “Quite frankly, we didn’t know if she would make it through the weekend.”

Rosci has pulled through though and is showing sings of improvement, but she has a long way to go. Her treatment will likely cost thousands of dollars and the SPCA is hoping animal lovers with donate to help get Rosci the care she needs. The SPCA is committed to helping Rosci as long as her condition continues to improve.

“We have to give this dog a chance when it looked like she had the will to survive,” said Browning.

If you would like to donate visit www.yourspca.org/HelpSaveRosci.

8 thoughts on “SPCA Serving Erie County Needs Help Caring for Badly Burned Dog”

  1. She had to surrender her dog because she could no longer afford its vet bills and now the SPCA is asking others to pay those bills? Why did they not ask for the owner so the dog could stay at home? I have lost all respect for the SPCA.

  2. First of all, get her a nice soft collar and get rid of that stiff plastic thing – good grief! I hate those things and so do dogs.

    Second thing….I agree with Barbara, why did the SPCA take this dog away from her owner, that’s just pouring salt on an open wound to deprive them of each other’s company and comfort. I believe the SPCA is looking for money and this dog will “take a turn for the worse” and have to be put down.

    Give the lady back her dog and HELP HER keep him!

  3. You obviously didn’t watch the video. Her owner’s house burned down, so no wonder her owner can’t afford her medical treatment. This person has to start from scratch to rebuild her life. We don’t know if she has a job or a family. At least she did the right thing by taking the dog to the shelter instead of just letting her suffer and die. My furkids are my top priority (besides my DH), but I don’t have kids. Let’s not be so quick to judge someone whose life has just been turned upside down.

  4. I hear of stories like this all the time – the poor family takes the dog to get them treated because THEY LOVE THEIR DOG and then they can’t afford the treatment and in this case – this is extremly awful because these people lost everything!

    Why don’t the SPCA treat the dog and do a fund raiser or at least let the people have the chance to do that? Put the story out on the news! – how awful!

    These stories just irked me! How can you kick someone that is already at the lowest point in their life!

    Shame on the SPCA!


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