Three-Legged Frisbee Dog is an Inspiration

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Saturday morning dozens of dogs participated in a qualifying event in Thornton, Colorado for a national Frisbee dog competition. Macie was one of the dogs competing, but her handler knows she’ll never win. Macie is the only competitor with three legs, and although she won’t win she is an inspiration to those who watch her compete.

Macie lost her right front leg in an accident a few years ago and while her owner was devastated, Macie didn’t let it slow her down.

“It was heartbreaking for me. She was my perfect dog,” said Macie’s handler Tammy Ormiston. “And I thought ‘oh my gosh, she’s not going to be perfect anymore.’ It just broke my heart from beginning to end. Then we took [her leg] off and I realized she’s still my perfect dog. She’s perfect just the way she is. She has no quit in her.”

Macie didn’t let the loss of her front leg phase her. She never had picked up a Frisbee until after the accident, but has excelled. She may never be the best Frisbee dog, but what she has done is inspire those around her. Her own handler has learned acceptance, humility and belief.

“It’s not about winning or placing, it’s about the adventure of life,” said Ormiston.