Spring Safety Alert: Beware of Slug Bait

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With gardening season in full swing, dog owners across the country are spending more time outside with their pets, and a common household gardening product is sending many of them to the emergency room.

Much like antifreeze, slug bait tastes good to dogs, making it a challenge to keep them away from it. This deadly toxin is so potent that symptoms can become apparent in a few as 15 minutes. If not treated quickly, slug bait ingestion will most likely kill your dog.

Common symptoms of slug bait ingestion include:

  • heavy drooling
  • weakness
  • shaking
  • tremors, and eventually seizures

The good news? Alternatives are widely available. Check the label: effective, non-toxic formulas are available in most garden supply stores. If you don’t have easy access to one, use the safe, tried and true method that has worked for millions, and sprinkle broken egg shells in your garden.