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Staffy Meets Kitty

by Melanie

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What will happen when curious Staffordshire bull terrier Ares confronts his stalker? You’ll just have to see the video to find out!



From YouTube user Ida H:

I was playing with and training my dog on that area the video is filmed, and the cat is just barging in and sits down in the middle of the area. Because we met this cat every day, he just walked after us and often sat down to look at us. So I let my dog go to the cat to sniff/greet. The reason he runs away, is that he know to respect cats, and he is a big drama queen. (You can see a little bit at the end of the movie, that he is on his way back to me.)

My dog has grown up with several cats around him at all times, and he is just playful.
I have absolutely control of my dog! And if I didn’t have, that would have been my problem, aight?
I have had him since he was 8 weeks old, and we have diploma in dog obedience.