Still Life of Animated Dogs

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Czech animator Paul Fierlinger’s playful and personal ode to the power of man’s best friend is a quiet, thoughtful affair, and is recommended for dog lovers and fans of animation alike.

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8 thoughts on “Still Life of Animated Dogs”

    • No one wants to talk about these dirty little secrets but if we open out eyes we see them everywhere

  1. What a wonderful piece of artwork in ode to man’s best friend!!!! Our vet just retired and I made him a poster with a picture of all our dogs he has taken care of throughout our life. It made me think of the impact each one had at each point of our lives. This animation does the same in a beautiful heart-breaking and life-affirming manner. I bawled my eyes out, with the sacrifices he had to make during the war. The horrors people have to face living in a dictator-driven country.


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