Stray Dog Trespasses Bank’s ATM Room and Finds Forever Home

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On October 17, 2014, a stray dog trespassed a bank’s air-conditioned ATM room in Lambaré, Paraguay, because he was looking for a cool place to rest. It was well over 104 °F (40 °C) on that day it  and the dog just wanted a comfortable place relax. A passerby spotted the dog next to the ATM machine, took a picture and uploaded the image to Twitter. The image went viral, and next thing you know, the stray dog found a forever home.

Fresco relaxing next to the ATM machine.
Fresco relaxing next to the ATM machine.


The smart canine is now called Fresco, Spanish for cool, and his adorable image touched animal lovers on social media sites who wanted nothing more than a forever home for the dog.

Without knowing where the dog or the ATM were located, employees from Analógica, a digital agency, started posting questions on social media sites regarding the dog’s whereabouts. Soon enough people pointed rescuers to the dog’s location and they set out to help the dog.

“Like many people, we fell in love with Fresco when we saw his photo,” said Guillermo Ramírez, Analógica’s director. “We just wanted to help him out.”

Once the pet was found he was taken to a veterinarian. He was fed and treated for minor injuries.

Fresco spent two days under the veterinarian’s care before he was released back to his rescuers, but because his rescuers knew they couldn’t keep him, they took to Facebook to network and find the dog a forever home.

Within two hours Fresco, the clever dog, found a loving home. An animal lover contacted Analógica and told rescuers he had recently lost his pet but wanted to offer Fresco a place in his home.

Fresco and his new dad.
Fresco and his new dad.


After rescuers met up with the potential adopter and after they verified the dog was going to a good home, an adoption agreement was made and Fresco went home with his new forever dad.

Fresco won’t ever again have to break into an ATM room to enjoy a relaxing and air conditioned room.

Congratulations on finding your human and home!