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Street Dog Defends Family against Armed Robber

by Katherine

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In Argentina, a street dog from the city of Garupá came to the rescue of a family being robbed at gun point. The canine scared away the criminal before the assailant was able to fatally injure them or take off with any of their possessions.

Stock image. Photo Credit: Berdnik Oleksander/
Stock image. Photo Credit: Berdnik Oleksander/

Twenty-nine-year-old Eliana K. was walking down the streets of Fátima II neighborhood with her family on Friday, Oct. 4, 2013, when a man ambushed her and put a gun to her head. The criminal demanded the family turn over all cash they had, if not, he would shoot Eliana.

A street dog was nearby and when the canine saw the family in distress he jumped in to save them from the attack. The dog barked, growled, and intimidated the armed robber to the point he was chased away by the canine hero.

Eliana and her family were able to give a detailed description of the attacker and police arrested him hours later. He was identified as 21-year-old, Leonardo L. The gun he used for the assault was not found.

No word on what happened to the canine hero that saved the Eliana’s life. We don’t know if Eliana and her family opened their hearts and home to rescue this brave dog who came to their rescue when they most needed a hero.