Street Dog Gets Adopted on Pilgrimage

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This past June, Edna who is originally from Mexico but lives in Barcelona, Spain, took off on a pilgrim’s journey from Armenteira to Vilanova de Arousa, Spain. It never occurred to her that someone would accompany her in her journey, but that is what a stray dog did.

Edna and Camino
Edna and Camino

Edna left Armenteira early in the morning and in her path she met a female, stray dog, who decided to join her. Together they walked almost 18 miles until they reached Vilanova. There, they took lunch and then Edna headed to a local hotel.

Seeing that her four-legged companion wasn’t going to be allowed inside the hotel Edna contacted local authorities to have her rescued. Soon after authorities picked up the dog and took her to a shelter.

Edna made the trip back to Armenteira and realized she had never stopped thinking about her canine friend. She reached out to Vilanova’s police to inquired about the dog, and they put her in contact with CAAN (Centro de Acogida y Protección Animales). They had welcomed the dog into their shelter.

It must have been fate because as soon as Edna realized the dog – by now named Camino (Road) – was still at the shelter, she decided to adopt her and bring her home.

She worked with CAAN to have Camino transported to Barcelona. Once Camino was vaccinated and microchipped she was shipped to her new forever home with Edna.

CAAN hopes many people will learn about Edna’s good deeds and decide to adopt one of the many stray animals they encounter on their pilgrimage. There are many animals in need at the local shelters and they all need loving homes and owners.

Anyone interested in adopting a local pet should visit CAAN shelters or their web site. Adoptions are free and all pets are vaccinated and microchipped before going to their forever homes.