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Sweet Pit Bull Facing Numerous Hurdles to Finding a Loving Home


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FinleyFinley, a sweet natured pit bull terrier puppy, arrived at Pet Project Rescue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at around 5 or 6 months old. Someone found him on their back step, all alone and begging to come inside. It is believed that Finley spent all of his previous months of life in a typical backyard breeding situation, resulting in several challenges that have made it difficult to find this sweet guy a forever home.

First of all, being a pit bull is always an extra obstacle due to the stereotypes that people have attached to the breed. Secondly, backyard breeding situations do not provide adequate socialization opportunities. Fortunately, this point has greatly improved as a result of the daily training he has received after being rescued.

In addition, Finley was born with a number of genetic issues as a result of being the product of backyard breeding, including bad knees in his hind legs, sensitive skin and a neurological disorder that makes him a bit clumsy. Finley is currently being evaluated by a specialist to determine whether surgery will help improve his knees and his stability. Thankfully, if he does need surgery, Pet Project Rescue will cover all of the expenses of the procedure, even if he is already adopted.

Finley has been in a foster home situation but, sadly, his current placement has a dog that does not appreciate Finley’s presence and would gladly tear into him aggressively, if given the chance. For this reason, Pet Project Rescue urgently needs to move Finley in order to keep him safe. However, right now they have no suitable foster or adoptive home for Finley to go to.

It breaks everyone’s hearts to see such a sweet dog go through so much in his short life! They know there has to be a perfect home for Finley.

Amazingly, none of this gets Finley down! He’s an extra special sweetie who loves to snuggle, play and go for walks. He is sometimes a bit over exuberant and needs a home without small children or other animals, or that has a patient dog that will give Finley proper non-aggressive corrections when he is being over-exuberant.

If you are interested in Finley or have questions about him, please send your inquiries to [email protected]


Pet Project Rescue is an entirely foster based rescue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are a registered 501(c)3 organization dedicated to rescuing homeless or abandoned dogs and cats and placing them in volunteer foster homes until the animal is adopted by a forever home. In addition to animal rescue, PPR is focused on reducing the homeless animal population at its source and dedicates funds and volunteer efforts to providing spay/neuter services for animals of those in need in the community.