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Tearful Reunion for Dog and Survivor of Tornadoes in Texas

by Fred

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5.13.15 - texas reunion2

This past Sunday, a rather severe tornadoes hit the town of Van, Texas.  As usual, it brought a path of devastation along with it, upending many homes and taking it’s toll on the residents.  However for one resident, things are starting to look up now that Tater is back.

During the chaos that ensued, Tater got separated from his humans.  A fact that was really bothering Andy Bouchillon, Tater’s human dad.  Considering the extreme forces the tornado brought with it, the chance that Tater wouldn’t be safely returned to his humans was high, and Andy was worried.  Something every father would be.

Thankfully, Tater was returned safely.  Hopefully having him back with his family will help them feel like things are returning to something that resembles normal.