Teen Has Matching Prom Dress Made for Her Service Dog

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Erin Condrin suffers from EDS, a syndrome that causes her joints to dislocate themselves upwards of 20 times a day, making even simple tasks a struggle sometimes.  But since last year she has been aided by her constant companion, her service dog, Lacey.  The two are so inseparable that Erin even had a little dress made up for Lacey that would match her prom dress.


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“I have a rare connective tissue disorder called Classical Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, along with several secondary conditions,” the Australian teen posted on her Facebook page Life with Lacey.   “For me, these conditions pose a myriad of limitations – that’s where Lacey comes into play! Over the last 12 months my life has changed unimaginably, as a young person this loss of independence was frightening.


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“I am now reliant on crutches and my wheelchairs to move around. Lacey makes life easier by picking up dropped items, opening and closing doors, carrying objects, pressing light switches/buttons and so much more, not to mention her constant friendship. Basically, Lacey allows me to live a life as close to normal as possible…”


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And that, of course, includes going to prom.


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“Lacey has many different costumes.  So it was natural she’d have a dress that matched mine,” she explained to BuzzFeed.  “We asked my very talented dressmaker if she’d sew Lacey a skirt out of the left over material from my dress, and she was all for it.”


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“Lacey brought a smile to everyone’s faces.  The ladies at the hairdresser’s took lots of photos and kept giggling whenever they looked over at her.”


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Though Erin had a great time with Lacey while getting ready, she decided not to bring Lacey; she wasn’t sure how her dog would react to the commotion of such a major event.


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“We’ve only been a team for a few months, so I didn’t feel ready to take her to an event with a massive crowd and so many flashing lights. I can’t wait to take her to formal events in the future, though.”


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