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Texas Couple Rescue Garbage Dogs

by Katherine

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Joe Alvarado and his wife live off a long road in Hidalgo County, Texas. Many people believe the road is secluded, and for years irresponsible pet owners have dumped innocent animals as if they were garbage on that road. Lucky for pets, the Alvarados have become their guardian angels and have made it their mission to save, rehabilitate and re-home every single animal left to die on that lonely road.

The Alvarados are not part of any animal organization, they just have big hearts and use their own money to pay for the medical bills each abandoned pet needs.

One of the dogs rescued by the Alvarados
One of the dogs rescued by the Alvarados

“Every month we come across another animal,” Joe Alvarado told Action 4 News. “They just kind of tell you they want a home. We pick them up, take them to the vet, they get their shots and get fixed.”

The couple has been rescuing abandoned pets for about 14 years. Many of the pets get new, loving homes through the Alvarado’s friends, but they keep any four-legged friend in bad shape. The Alvarados want to make sure those pets in need, receive the love and care they deserve.

“Officially we have 8 dogs, 12 cats,” said Joe.

To this day, the Alvarados have never caught anyone “throwing away” a pet on the road to their home, but they know that if wasn’t for them, all those abandoned pets would have died of starvation or heat exposure.

We thank the Alvarados for being caring animal lover and for rescuing so many animals in need.