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The 4 Best Netflix Dogumentaries to Watch When You’re Chillin’ With Your Dog

by Melanie

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1.13.17 - Best Dogumentaries to Netflix & Chill With your Dog1


“Netflix and chill” doesn’t ALWAYS have to mean something smutty – remember when it literally just meant Netflix and chill?  And on these cold January nights, what else is better than snuggling with our favorite, furry buddies?  Here are some interesting dog-related things you might want to check out.

  • Second Chance Dogs – Watch as “hopeless” dogs go from rescued to rehomed after being given a second chance by the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center.



  • Martin Clune’s A Man and His Dogs – This two-part series follows actor Martin Clune as he embarks on a journey to discover just how dogs started as wolves and became our best friends.



  • Dogs on the Inside – See what life is like for inmates of a Massachusetts prison who foster and train dogs, providing vital rehabilitation for both.



  • A Dog’s Life – A look at what life is like through our dogs’ eyes: an entertaining exploration into exactly how dogs perceive the world, and answers to long-held myths about alpha dogs and color-blindness.




And if you’ve somehow missed it, here’s a trailer for A Dog’s Purpose, the heart-touching movie that hits theaters on January 27th.