The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better)

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Life With Dogs and our fans know that it is better to adopt, not shop, and for so many reasons.  But many people are still resolute in their decisions to purchase unhealthy “purebred” dogs.  This funny and thought-provoking video might help to change their minds, so let’s share this message far and wide!

Be advised, there is some adult-themed language if younger viewers are watching.



“Our insistence that these dogs live up to our arbitrary standards is causing them to get sick and die.  As much as you love the bulldog, the fact that it exists at all is borderline animal abuse,” Adam wisely notes.


73 thoughts on “The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better)”

  1. Pure breeds unhealthier? Clearly you are new to dogs and not an authority on them. There is little to no difference in health between mutts and pure breed dogs. Surely the author has seen some awesomely robust pure breed dogs in their time? If they haven’t then they are not one to write an article on this subject. The biggest difference is you can better predict a pure breed’s health better than a mixed. A painfully obvious fact to anyone thinking clearly. Sure some breeders are bad and breed too close. That said I’ve seen some messed up mutts in my day too. Like people, dogs aren’t always created equal and there is no general rule to it. I wish these shelter activists would could virtue signaling and spreading disinformation to promote their politics and their insecurity. I love mutts and greatly appreciate people who rescue them. But there is nothing wrong with getting a pure breed dog from a responsible breeder. I found this whole article condescending as well as ignorant. Just more over inflated, grand standing, misdirected politically correct nonsense.


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