Woman Faces Jail Time for Heroically Saving Dog on Tracks

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7.2.15 - Woman Saves Dog on Tracks


When a dog fell onto the tracks of a busy train system in Lima, Peru, no one seemed to be willing to jump down to get him – not even his owner.  But one woman did, and now she’s facing up to six years in prison!

The dog somehow landed on the Metro de Lima tracks, and tried to jump back up to the platform, but no one could catch and pull him back up.  With a train due any moment, only one woman was courageous enough to do what needed to be done.

She hopped down onto the tracks and trotted over to the dog.  She picked him up and hauled him up to a man that appears to be an employee at the station.

All’s well that ends well, right?  Not exactly.  Metro de Lima administrators say that going on the tracks for any reason whatsoever is illegal and punishable by jail time ranging from six months to six years.  She may also be facing a lawsuit.

Staff recognizes her efforts to save the dog, but still say what she did was illegal.  However, the wording in the law books puts her actions in a gray area.

Article 215 of the Peruvian penal code states that “anyone found guilty of compromising the safety of the train tracks, will be punished with 6 months or up to 6 years in prison.”

But did she actually “compromise the safety of the train tracks?”  Wouldn’t leaving a dog there to die and get dragged under a train be more compromising to the tracks’ safety?  Who knew that inanimate train tracks could be put into such jeopardy, and are afforded more protection than living beings?

People are outraged at the prospect of this hero being arrested, and many have volunteered to help with legal assistance for her should it become necessary.  She has not yet been arrested, but if she is, no one with common sense or a heart would convict her.



419 thoughts on “Woman Faces Jail Time for Heroically Saving Dog on Tracks”

  1. in my opinion whatever the girl did was right. She is a true hero.Rules that don’t allow to help others are made to be broken. She should be praised for her bravery instead of prisioning her. If she gots prisioned for her this act then no other human will ever help the needy thinking that they might be punished too.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous! That woman is a hero, and should be praised not persecuted. Sick world we live in!

  3. I work on the railway in Britain. If I was to jump down on the track I would certainly be sacked and the public are supposed to get a £1000 fine. But there are procedures in place for obstructions including animals on the track where we would contact the signaller or failing that stop the train personally before it pulls into the platform stopping trains before any incident happens and then retrieve the dog safely. So I ask why didn’t they stop the trains in Puru for this poor dog? I know if I had this situation I would definitely stop the trains and rescue him. I say all in all though well done to the woman I respect her for what she did. The laws there are to harsh and here in Britain not harsh enough as not much comes of people trespassing for the fun of it!

  4. She is a hero. I can’t understand why she is the only bystander that seems to be willing to help the dog. She is a wonderful compassionate human being who deserves an award for her bravery. Not faced with the possibility of legal dramas and jail. That would be ridiculous.


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