The Hidden Side of Breeding: Doris’s Story

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Doris (2)Many times, adorable puppies that get rescued from terrible breeding situations get lots of publicity, but Doris represents the other side of this sad reality: the mother dogs. The mother dogs are too often left behind to continue breeding until they have outlived their ability to make money.

Doris, a four year-old bulldog, was in bad condition when she arrived at the San Francisco SPCA. She was a breeding dog who, like many bulldogs, could only deliver puppies via C-section. Having delivered multiple litters in her short lifetime, she had received stitches many times over and the ones from her last surgery had come undone.

Presumably, when this complication occurred, she became too much of a hassle and expense and so she was dumped in favor of a younger breeding dog. Because she was not a young, fresh puppy, it did not seem like it would be easy to find her a new home and a new life.

After several days in the San Francisco SPCA’s veterinary hospital, Doris thankfully made a full recovery. Once she started to heal, her true personality began to emerge. Despite everything that had happened to her, Doris turned out to be very affectionate, loves people and wants nothing more than to cuddle!

Fortunately, it was not so hard to find Doris a forever home in the end. She is now experiencing what real love after only knowing what it was like to be used.  She can now look forward to daily play sessions, afternoon naps and lots of snuggles!


San Francisco SPCA is a community-supported non-profit dedicated to saving, protecting and caring for cats and dogs. They do this through immediate care of animals that are ill, homeless, or in need of an advocate. They also work to educate the community, reduce the number of unwanted kittens and puppies through spaying/neutering, and improve the quality of life for animals and their companions.



4 thoughts on “The Hidden Side of Breeding: Doris’s Story”

  1. found my Rottie as a stray on the streets of Indianapolis IN. She obviously had been nursing and was 30 pounds under weight. No chip never and searched other avenues for the owner no one seemed looking for her (maybe because she was heartworm positive) owner. She has been with us for 2 years, lets kids come and go with their friends but always lets me know when a adult is present. Could not ask for a better protector.

  2. I am so happy that Doris had a wonderful ending with a loving family. Most of these breeder dogs are nowhere near so lucky. They spend their lives being treated horribly with not even their basic needs met just so the breeders can make money on their misery. Then they are discarded like yesterdays trash. The Amish for example just shoot dogs they no longer want and use their bodies to fertilize their fields. Remember that the next time you are considering buying their produce.

  3. She’s so gorgeous! sweet face. glad she was pulled from that life and at only four still has many years of happiness.

  4. We have a Sheltie mother dog rescued from a puppy mill. When we got her she was nearly bald, weighed around 2kg, had tick fever, anemia and heart worm. She now has a lovely coat, is weighing 12kg and is the sweetest little dog


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