The Scorned Lover (Rated PG-13)

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Warning: this brief emotional roller coaster ride kicks off with a pretty steamy dog romp, so be prepared. It is my understanding that this commercial was banned from TV, so thank heavens for the internet, because it’s brilliant. I literally cringed and screamed at my computer at the end of this video, so don’t blame me if your heart skips a few beats. You’ve been warned!

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22 thoughts on “The Scorned Lover (Rated PG-13)”

  1. and, as if a male would ever consider ending it all. he’d find another hot poodle and never look back. or whippet in nigel’s case!

  2. if bridgestone tires hold the car like THAT, then the driver will fly from the front side of the car for some kilometers away 😛 funny adv anyways! 😛


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