This Wonder Dog Can Catch 30 Treats in a Row!

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Mila has a great eye and an even better sense of timing, so she has no problem catching and inhaling 30 little nibbles in a minute.  What she DOES have a problem with is finding a home, which is a wonder, because she’s sweet and smart as has the cutest little satellite ears ever!

When Mila’s family had to move into housing that doesn’t allow pit bulls, she and her sister were given up to the Washington [DC] Humane Society.  Sis found a home, but Mila has been in care for ages.  She’s now living in a foster home, but she could use a real family.


9.26.14 - This Dog Can Catch 30 Treats in a Row2


“I think she’d love to have a big family again. She seems to be happiest when surrounded by activity and I think the more people the better,” said foster mom Kim Seidl.  “I cry my eyes out every single time [my foster pets] get adopted because I love them and know I will miss them terribly.  But ultimately, at the end, not only do you get to save the dog, have a fabulous companion for a while, experience all of these emotions, but you get to make a new happy family.”

Seidl calls her a “great companion,” and says Mila is “lazy in the house, but always down for new adventures.  She also doesn’t snore, which rare in the pitty kingdom!”

She does have hip dysplasia, and will likely need surgery in the future, but there are so many fantastic qualities that it would be hard to pass her up.  She’s even become quite the swimmer!


9.26.14 - This Dog Can Catch 30 Treats in a Row4


Here is what her online description says:

I’m a mature, gentle, respectful gal loving the quiet lazy life in my foster home. At a stocky 55lbs, my foster mom calls me her little tugboat, but she’s just jealous of my naturally buff physique. Everyone says I should be a model because of my pretty eyes, well defined cheek bones and my lovely coat. I am incredibly well behaved and listen very well. I am reserved and respect your personal space. I was probably a daddy’s girl, because when I see men I turn into a silly little puppy and will wiggle around for attention! Like they say, the way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach and my love LOVE loooVE of food makes me really easy to train and it makes everyone giggle to see me get so excited because I’m normally such a cool customer. I need to be the only animal in the house but other than that, I’m as easy as they come. I’m not much for playing with toys and am beyond the puppy chewing stage, but walking and sniffing are great- and the couch is even better! Have treats? I’ll show off my sit, down, stay, here and touch commands. Want to teach me more? That would be fun! Have kids? I lived in a big family before and lived with kids of all ages and would probably love to have that again. Sounds like a good fit? Email [email protected] to set up a date!

To see more of this silly girl, visit her Facebook page.

If you would like to adopt her, CLICK HERE.


9.26.14 - This Dog Can Catch 30 Treats in a Row3