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Three Animal Lovers and a Vet Save Hit-and-Run Dog

by Katherine

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On October 9, 2014, Alisa Praskovich from Jacksonvill, Fla., found an injured German Shepherd left for dead on A1A just off Mayport Road. The two-year-old dog had been hit by a car and left whith multiple fractures. However, thanks to Praskovich, two coworkers, and a kind-hearted veterinarian, the dog named Amberlie, is alive and recovering.


Praskovich, a Coast Guard worker, was on her way to work when she spotted the injured pet. She stopped to help the canine and soon after two of her coworkers saw her and the dog and decided to help as well.

“[Amber] was laying on her side and breathing heavily, not moving,” said Praskovich. “She had blood on her head and just struggling to breath.”

The good Samaritans rushed the dog to Southside Animal Clinic where Dr. Tim Holloway agreed to treat the dog free of charge.

“[Amber] had two broken legs, two fractured legs and a broken tail,” said Dr. Holloway. “Yes, we are a business and we need to pay the bills but we also need to help these dogs and that’s what we are here for.

The injured pet has no owners and requires three surgeries and extensive rehabilitation to fix all her broken bones. The total medical treatment has an estimated cost of $7,500. Holloway is asking the community to donate and help pay for Amber’s surgeries and recovery.

If you would like to make an online donation to help Amber, you can go here. You can also call the animal clinic at 904-721-3500 and make the donation over the phone. Southside Animal Clinic is located at 100 Arlington Road South, Jacksonville, Fla.