Toronto Bans Retail Sales of Cats and Dogs

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Toronto’s city council has permanently banned the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores.

Councilman Glenn De Baeremaeker proposed the legislation in May of this year in an attempt to put a dent in the demand for puppy mill dogs. “You can no longer buy dogs in a pet store,” De Baeremaeker told reporters. “Animal cruelty has to stop,” he added.

The same council had previously passed a law that restricted pet shops to selling kittens and puppies from shelters. After further consideration, they’ve decided to take things a step further, and now no dogs or cats will be offered for sale in the city’s pet stores.

Pet store owners will now be allowed to take in shelter or rescue dogs and adopt them out. Opponents of the law suggest that pet buyers will simply drive to other cities to find the dog or cat of their choosing.

Toronto is only the second Canadian city to restrict pet shop sales, following Richmond, B.C.’s 2010 ban.

6 thoughts on “Toronto Bans Retail Sales of Cats and Dogs”

  1. There is no legal definition of a “puppy mill” in any law anywhere in the world. Sub-standard breeders (of any size) suck and our current laws (in both the US and Canada) need enforcement and funding mechanisms. To remove the traditional source of dogs for pet stores is very disturbing. To allow public policy to codify a new source for pet stores is even more disturbing. How is this not racketeering? This is a foolish and misguided action and I condemn it wholheartedly.

  2. Abuse can never be stopped, it can only be reduced. Even if these numbskulls do manage to create some cheap and unreliable animal market in their basements, the market will inevitably be downsized; And with Toronto’s history, it’s quite possible that even breeding in general will be its next target for illegalization.


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