Two dogs are in desperate need of a new home, can you help?

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A fan reached out to us asking for help for Sweetie and Tuffy. These two 10-year-old female husky shepherd mixes need a new home and they need one fast. Their 90-year-old owner has been placed in assisted care due to health reasons and can no longer take care of them. They have until November 10th to find a home or they will be euthanized.

A posting was placed on the San Diego Craigslist website on Sunday looking to find a new home for these girls. Their efforts to place the two dogs have been unsuccessful. The two dogs are bonded litter mates and need to be adopted together. They are both in excellent health and very active for their age, able to walk several miles every day without tiring. They are not aggressive, having no aggression around food, people or other dogs. They have never been kenneled in their life, and at this age doing so stresses them out because they are not used to it.

They are being offered with no adoption fee and the poster even offers free food for the rest of their lives. They are located in Spring Valley, California and anyone interested in saving them or in need of more information can get in contact through the Craigslist ad here.

9 thoughts on “Two dogs are in desperate need of a new home, can you help?”

  1. All of us should plan ahead and work out a plan for our pets and their care in case of an unforeseen life event. They deserve to be taken care of just like we plan for our children in case something happens to us. To leave them (without a plan for their future care and with an only recourse being euthanasia for healthy pets) is irresponsible on our part.

  2. Is there a rescue organization that can take them temporarily?!!? How can perfectly healthy dogs be put down!

  3. My wife would divorce me. If I could, I would have a house full of dogs like those lovely ones. Can someone give them a home. I have made arrangements should anything happen to me. Please some take them or foster them until they find a home God will near their friend so they can visit.

  4. Please somebody, adopt these beautiful animals. I wish I could but I already have 4 of my own. They don’t deserve to be put down just because their owner no longer can care for them. They are healthy, beautiful animals. Please help them!!

  5. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Wish I could do something. This is so sad. These poor animals have no idea what is going on. Somebody PLEASE help them!


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