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Two dogs died after being doused with sulfuric acid

by Katherine

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Photo Credit: Cebu Daily News – Facebook

In the Philippines, two dogs died at the beginning of the month when a local man, Alfredo Alindao, soaked them with sulfuric acid.

According to the Sun Star, Alindao admitted throwing acid on both street dogs because he was angry at them. Allegedly, the dogs had chased Alindao’s aunt and hurt her in the process.

Dodong Perdido, president of Cebu South Dog Club (CSDC) of Talisay City, said the organization will seek justice for these canines. CSDC plans to work with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society and the Island Rescue Organization to build a strong case against Alindao.

“At the moment, we are tapping into different groups such as IRO (Island Rescue Organization) and PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) for assistance for taking legal actions against the person,” CSDC secretary Gerald Cabinatan told Cebu Daily News.

Eye-witnesses said the dogs had an owner but he was not caring for them. The animals were never kept on a leash and roamed the neighborhood with other local dogs. They usually protect the area against thieves and other suspicious people.

Other neighbors have been looking after the dogs, feeding them daily. In return, the animals do not act aggressively towards those they know.

When the caretakers saw the large wounds on the dogs’ legs and torsos they were alarmed. They treated the animals, but unfortunately they died.

Alindao signed an affidavit where he agreed never to harm dogs again. He is at home now, but neighbors believe Alindao is a threat to animals.

Local animal lovers are using social media platforms to voice their frustrations with this case and the justice systems.

“This man is sick and pure evil. How can you do something so cruel to these poor animals? Justice should be served!” read a comment on Cebu South Dog Club’s social media page.