Two dogs survive dangerous car trips with no serious injuries

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Suzie, the 6-year-old poodle who survived an 11 mile ride stuck on the grille of a car, is back at home with her family. Suzie was struck by a Toyota sedan on September 20th. The driver of the car assumed he had missed the dog when he didn’t see her, only to be alerted by another driver a few miles later that Suzie was actually in the grille of his car. The driver quickly pulled over to a police station where cops and animal control workers helped get Suzie out of the grille.

Suzie suffered a concussion, a small cut above her eye and a slight tear in her intestine, but no broken bones or other serious injuries. Suzie did have a microchip, but it had never been registered. Suzie’s family had reported Suzie missing to local police in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. However, the incident occurred right by the state line, and the driver had worked with police in Providence, Rhode Island. The family was finally able to locate Suzie when they saw her on TV.

Suzie isn’t the only dog who has survived a unique car trip. When Jaime Magana was driving his company vehicle in California he stopped in San Clemente for lunch. After turning off the car he still felt movement in the truck. When he got out he saw fur coming out of the left front tire. When he opened the hood he found a 25-pound dog, “When I opened the hood he looked at me like thank you very much,” Magana said. The dog had survived 110 miles riding in Magana’s engine compartment.

Magana was cautious with the dog, afraid that he might have a broken bone or serious injury. He carefully pulled the dog out and dialed 911. He gave the dog water as they waited for help. Animal-control officer Jill Moran responded and immediately placed the dog, who is being nicknamed “Chevy”, in the air-conditioned cab of her truck. Moran noted that she occasionally get calls for kittens in engine mounts but this is the first time she’s ever had a dog in an engine. More surprising is Chevy has no serious injuries. Magana is just as baffled by Chevy’s adventure saying, “I don’t understand how it survived at this temperature with the engine running. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Authorities are now trying to locate Chevy’s owner. Magana, who owns three dogs of his own, had seen the dog around his neighborhood in the past few days but doesn’t recognize it as any of his neighbors’ dogs. He plans to put up fliers and help find Chevy’s owner.

Magana and Chevy

2 thoughts on “Two dogs survive dangerous car trips with no serious injuries”

  1. It’s great that both dogs came through these ordeals. But I have a big question for the guy who thought he missed Suzie because he no longer saw her.

    Why didn’t you stop anyway??? The dog was running loose. Weren’t you concerned about that? Dogs don’t generally run loose and I think this called for someone taking responsibility and getting out of their car to help the poor little poodle.

    And I happen to think that the guy who thought he missed hitting her (and turned out to be wrong about that) would’ve been the perfect candidate to check on her after that near miss.

    I hope no one thinks the driver is a hero. He was just going to ignore the fact that there was a little dog running loose in traffic that (in his mind) he “almost” hit.

    I would love to hear someone else’s take on this. Would you stop to see if the dog was OK if you saw one running loose even if you thought it had avoided getting hit? I mean it’s still a (probably scared) dog running loose and lost.

  2. Are you kidding? People are so ignorant these days. I always stop to try to catch stray dogs if I spot them and I’ve watched dogs run back and forth across main roadways and people don’t even bother to slow down. They swerve to avoid them, that’s about the extent of their help. Of course there are some caring people that will stop to help animals in need but I’ll bet these people are one in a thousand.


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