Woman sentenced to five years in prison for beating her in-laws dog to death

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A woman convicted in July of burglary and animal cruelty was sentenced to five years in prison for the beating of her in-laws’ 14-year-old dog. Evita Williams is also to serve five years of probation, attend anger-management classes, undergo psychological, drug and alcohol evaluation and not own pets.

The incident occurred in July of 2011. Evita broke into her in-laws’ home and broke the lock on the Williams’ bedroom door where they kept Ginger, a 14-year-old lab mix. Ginger was already in declining health, as she was deaf and struggled with her back legs. Evita muzzled Ginger and took her out in the backyard. She covered Ginger with a blanket and then beat the dog with an aluminum softball bat. She then dumped Ginger’s body in the garbage. Apparently Evita’s motive for beating Ginger was due to problems with her estranged husband and the fact that Ginger had nipped her 4-year-old son a few months prior.

A jury took an hour to convict Evita of burglary and animal cruelty back in July. Prosecutor Stacey Salmons said, “To do something so violent and so vicious to the animal [suggests] the potential to do something violent and vicious to a person.”

27 thoughts on “Woman sentenced to five years in prison for beating her in-laws dog to death”

  1. Should have given her life in prison for killing the doggie! What kind of horrible monster would do that? She should never taste freedom again!

  2. It is about time that abusers and murderers like her are given prison time. Pets are no different than children. They trust, love unconditionally and do not need to be abused by mindless A….s.

    Personally I do hope that this cow meets someone in prison that will treat her the way she treated the poor girl.

  3. She should have been beaten to near-death with an aluminum baseball bat, and then put in prison. She should have had to feel what that poor dog felt. People like her should have to suffer the same abuse as they dished out. She should never be let out of jail…do we really want someone that twisted walking our streets?

  4. Finally, a judge that has the guts to do more than a slap on the wrist for animal abuse.
    I agree, it should have been longer, but hopfully this is the beginning of a turn around in punishment for animal abuse.
    Thank you judge, jury and prosecutor.

  5. Poor Ginger couldn’t have known what was going on and must have been so frightened, Shame on you Evita Williams!

  6. She should be treated the same way when she grows old, hopefully by her then adult son – gagged and led out to the yard as she struggles in her wheelchair/walking aid, covered with a blanket and beaten out of her senses.


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